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Incredible moments in cricket don’t simply come out of the blue...

8th March 1992, Brisbane. Imran Khan and Inzamam-ul-Haq were poised at the crease on 135-2, chasing a revised target of 194. A trademark attempted leg glance wrapped Inzi on the pads, only to trigger a loud South African appeal. The Pakistani legend set off in search of a quick single, only to be sent back by a loud shout of ‘No!’ from his partner…
The fielder at backward point swooped in to pick the ball up. Already two steps ahead, he recognised he could get to the stumps ahead of the batsmen. With rapid pace and a low centre of gravity, he approached the wicket like a panther stalking its prey. Only then did he realise that getting all the way on his feet just wouldn’t be timely enough. He sprung off the turf and proceeded to dive full length, clattering into the stumps with ball in hand. Inches out of his ground, Inzaman was forced to trudge off the field and the game was turned on its head. South Africa went on to win the game by 20 runs. One fielder was responsible for changing the outcome of an incredible World Cup encounter. That fielder was Jonty RhodesIncredible moments in cricket don’t simply come out of the blue. In the way that he played, the way that he practiced, and now the way that he coaches, Jonty Rhodes has created a unique cricketing attitude. His goal is now to share his experience, knowledge and ethos to create a cricketing community where young players can thrive.
His legacy is already forming a global footprint and continues to grow, spanning far beyond the traditional cricket playing nations. He has already run high performance camps in the following regions:
• Nepal (Dhangedhi, Kathmandu) . • India (Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Surat) . • Malawi . • Zimbabwe (Harare)
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